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How important are your windows and doors?

Well, there are very few other features that affect so many areas of the home:

  • Interior and exterior beauty
  • The ambience and light levels in a room
  • View to the outside
  • Energy efficiency of the entire home
  • Security when you want it, easy access when you don’t

It’s no wonder a home’s real estate valuation is significantly affected by the quality of its windows and doors. Artisan Contracting provides window and door replacements and retrofits to increase both the beauty and solid functionality of your home. Every one is custom fit – both frame and unit – and made to order as needed.

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High performance products

We have longstanding relationships with our manufacturers – select suppliers we have maintained for their consistently high quality, their area location and their superior warranties.

For our windows and patio doors, North Star Vinyl Windows and Doors manufactures an extensive line of products, cutting and assembling every component of the units on-site so that quality control and accountability is always assured. (Other window and door manufacturers commonly handle only a portion of the components involved, which can leave the quality of parts and construction uncertain – and any warranty issues more complicated) North Star provides the certainty of a transferable, limited lifetime warranty on all their products.

Our entrance doors of steel and fiberglass are also manufactured locally, by Dundas Custom Door Company, and every unit and its frame are custom measured, built and fit to the home. With decades of proven performance, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the strength, durability and beauty of our doors for as long as you own your home.

Expert installation

With Artisan Contracting, your windows and doors are installed by a home construction company – not a company that knows only about windows or doors. This is an important benefit because installation often affects the surrounding elements of a home, which is best handled by a contractor that is expert in those areas as well. We ensure that the fit and seal with the house is perfect, proper insulation is inserted, and the adjacent materials are always repaired or rebuilt properly.

Our installation team is fully insured and WSIB covered, for your protection and that of your home.

So whether you’re looking to give your home an indoor-outdoor makeover or make a real improvement to your energy efficiency, we’re here to help you find the windows and doors to better your home.

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