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Mistakes to Avoid During Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations rank as the second most popular restoration for an excellent reason. The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the home regarding usage. It is also notable that today’s trends lean toward people remodelling the space into a spa-style bathroom. The preference towards separate showers and tubs, double sinks, and even seating areas make this area a luxurious retreat.

The bathroom can also be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate because the costs depend mainly on the design, products, types of additions and accessories you want to add. In addition to the expensive elements involved, such as cabinetry, tile, and fixtures, there is the cost of hiring a professional contractor who is knowledgeable about design, plumbing, tiling and electrical work. It is unquestionably a high return on investment and increases the value of your home. However, creating a beautiful bathroom into a place of elegance doesn’t just happen overnight. 

Several pitfalls may be encountered during the many phases of remodelling. It’s crucial that homeowners need to be aware of what they are and how to avoid mistakes during bathroom renovations.

Clear Plan

Before you jump into this renovation project, make sure you have a clear plan that takes into account precise measurements, anticipated costs, all materials, and your taste. Map out your plan for family members or contractors who will be helping you with the remodel. 


It’s also important to be realistic about your budget. Hoping for a $20,000 renovation when you have only $10,000 to work with results in cutting corners at the end of the project, and you won’t be pleased with the results. Take a careful look at your finances and get a realistic number established and stick to it.

Limited Ventilation

Once you have established the Clear Plan and Budget, one of the first mistakes you want to avoid during the renovation is low ventilation in the bathroom. You want to invest in a good ceiling fan to reduce the amount of humidity in the room and prevent your ceiling paint from bubbling.

Often, people will overlook this crucial element, which is a huge mistake. Without proper ventilation, humidity builds up on surfaces. Over time this moisture will cause paint and grout to deteriorate and mildew to form.

Choose Ageless Materials

While other places in the home can be designed with trendy styles, the bathroom is not the place where you want to install the current trends. Avoid the pitfall by using styles, materials and accessories that are evergreen and not outdate your bathroom in just a few years.

This applies to fixtures and finishes too. Keep it simple. Never mix more than two types of finishes in the bathroom such as metal, wood and tiles. By keeping the look in the bathroom classic, you will have a room that appeals to everyone over time.

Improper Space Usage

Your layout is crucial for determining what and where your vanity, tub, shower, toilet, etc. will be placed in the room.  Avoid the mistake of overcrowding the space and jamming your bathroom with items too large for it because, in the end, you will not enjoy it.

If you have a contractor, the measurements need to be precise for placement, especially pipe connections. You should also purchase fixtures and accessories that use a limited portion of the bathroom space.

Get It Right The First Time

Renovating your bathroom can be a fun and exciting endeavour; however, you need to do your research, plan and follow some simple guidelines for achieving the success you desire. By preparing ahead of time, you will attain a beautiful space to enjoy for many years to come.

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3 Tips to Follow When Completing a Main Floor Renovation

The main floor plays a significant role in setting the impression for the rest of your home. It’s also usually the most frequented space in a household as well as the area first viewed by visitors.

Although deciding to complete a main floor renovation is an exciting time, it can also be a time filled with decision-making. Here are three tips to follow to help your main floor renovation go as smoothly as possible!

1.    Consider the Floor Plan

The best place to start when completing a main floor renovation is to make a plan of action.

Begin by considering your main floor as it is just now. What do you currently like about it? What doesn’t work for your lifestyle – and why? What would make your main floor more functional for hosting and entertaining guests?

Next, think about some main floor plans that you admire. From friends’ and families’ homes to Pinterest boards, drawing on the inspiration of others can add a lot to your own main floor renovation plans.

If you’re working with a qualified contractor, their design team will have numerous suggestions on how to improve your main floor living space.

Spending some time deciding how you will customize your main floor is important. Completing this renovation project is a rare opportunity to make your home’s most frequently used living space exactly what you want. Making the right decisions now will provide years of enjoyment for you and your family! 

2.    Choose Unique Features

This renovation is the perfect time to create a main floor that suits you and your family’s individual needs. Choosing some unique features will enable that to happen!

Have a collection of books that you’ve always wanted prominently displayed? Consider a wall of built-in bookshelves.

Want a conversation piece that also adds ambience? A two-sided fireplace may be your solution!

Always wanted a statement staircase? Have a staircase installed that’s impressive from the moment you step inside your front door.

3.    Outsource when Needed

There are so many options when it comes to completing a main floor renovation. Try not to get overwhelmed by all the decisions!

Although you may initially think that you can handle the renovations yourself, completing a main floor renovation is extensive. In many cases, it’s easier, quicker and less worrisome to outsource the work to an experienced contractor.

When that’s the case, do your research to choose a contractor who is knowledgeable on main floor renovations. Ask to see a portfolio of their work and testimonials from recent customers.

Artisan Contracting is one of the highest regarded Canadian home renovation companies in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and the surrounding area. We have years of experience completing beautiful, functional main floor spaces that homeowners appreciate and love.

Our business is built on honesty, planning and craftsmanship. Let us help you complete a main floor renovation project in your home! Contact us today for more information about our contracting services.

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Artisan Contracting’s Home Renovation Guide

Although ordinarily worth it, in the end, the home renovation process itself usually involves a lot of time, energy and financial investment.

To make your renovation plans go as smoothly as possible, clear expectations are needed from the beginning of the renovation process. Here are three key factors to consider before you begin any home renovation project.

1. Know the Cost Involved in Home Renovations
Most homeowners set unrealistically low budgets for their home renovation projects which can lead to unnecessary stress and upset.

It’s important to do your homework before starting any renovation work. Get project estimates from at least three different contractors or if you’re doing the job yourself, shop around various home improvement stores.

Depending on the renovation you’re completing, sometimes an unexpected issue can crop up. For example, you may be renovating your bathroom when you notice that the wiring is all outdated and now needs to be replaced.

Since unexpected problems can always arise (or you may change your mind on your initial plans), it’s always a good idea to add at least a ten percent cushion to your budget.

2. Create a Clear Plan of Action
Consider the needs of your household to determine what type of renovation would work best. Is it to improve the functioning of your home? To provide more comfort to family members? Or to add more convenience to your household’s daily living?

Once you determine the reasoning behind your renovation quest, you will need to examine what needs to be done to achieve that goal. For example, if your kitchen is currently too small for your family’s needs, you need to figure out what your dream kitchen would entail.

Be sure to pay attention to three important aspects when creating your plan of action: use of space, light/brightness and movement of people. Considering all three factors will help ensure your planned renovation will be suitable for your household’s needs.

3. Have Realistic Expectations throughout the Renovation Process
There’s no denying the fact that renovations are messy.

Although you may know that going into a renovation project, it becomes entirely different when the project begins in your home. You may start to get anxious about how long the project is taking and urge your contractor to hurry up so that your home can get “back to normal.”

But remember, quality renovations take time and should not be rushed. Plus, if a problem arises throughout your renovation project, you need to be prepared for your initial deadline to be pushed back.

Consider Hiring a Contracting Professional

The best way to avoid as many headaches as possible throughout a home renovation project? Hire a home renovation professional!

Artisan Contracting has over 35 years’ experience working diligently with customers to bring their dream renovations to life. Besides having access to suppliers equipped with the best in renovation materials, our quoted price is firm (barring any unforeseeable issues).

Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Renovating Your Bathroom? Follow these Tips to Save Space

As the smallest room in your home, your bathroom’s surfaces can quickly become cluttered with toiletry items, hair dryers and more. But it doesn’t need to be that way! With some careful planning and reorganizing, your bathrooms can quickly become more space efficient. Here’s how!

  1. Get Organized
    In some cases, a lack of organization in your bathroom can lead to space limitations.

    Before completing any bathroom remodel, do a major overhaul of your bathroom’s contents. What is needed? What can be donated or discarded?

    Who knows? Reorganizing the space may open up some extra room without needing to spend any extra time or money on an upgrade!

  2. Give the Illusion of More Space
    Soft, pale colours on your bathroom’s walls and floors can make your cramped bathroom space appear bigger.

    The same logic applies to the glass. By replacing your shower curtain or frosted-glass shower doors with clear glass, an illusion of a bigger space can be achieved.

  3. Install Custom Cabinetry for Bathroom Storage
    Storage is the biggest issue in a bathroom which is why so many vanities end up covered in clutter.

    Finding space-saving storage solutions can be achieved with some custom cabinetry created by a design professional. Custom cabinetry is especially useful in bathrooms with unusual dimensions and “wasted spaces” that aren’t suitable for standard cabinets.

    Choose from a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to best complement your bathroom space.

  4. Make Full Use of Your Bathroom’s Space
    Even if you already think your bathroom space is maxed out, think again! Can you add recessed shelving behind the door or a wall? This type of shelving can provide an efficient space solution without taking up any more floor space.

    Oftentimes, space higher up is underutilized. Consider adding some storage in the form of shelves up on the walls.

    Not only will high shelves provide a great space saving option, but they will also help make your bathroom feel less cramped.

  5. Open Up More Space
    From replacing a tub with a compact shower to adding a sliding door, there are many different ways to streamline your bathroom design.

    Gone are the days when a square vanity sink is your only option – check out the curved, flat or under-mount sinks that can easily add more counter space. A floating vanity is another great option that can free up floor space underneath to be used for basket storage.

    Still want a tub but tight on space? Instead of purchasing an oversized tub, opt for a standard size to leave more room for cabinetry and larger vanities.

    In a lot of cases, adding square footage is not an option when it comes to your bathroom renovation. But by choosing to implement a few changes like those above, a large amount of space can be gained!

For even more bathroom remodel and storage tips, contact Artisan Contracting today. 

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