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​Foresight Design Package


We anticipate the details, you anticipate the enjoyment.

Perhaps you’ve heard. Home renovations commonly exceed the contractor’s estimated cost by 10%–30% by the time a project is finally done. At Artisan Contracting, we find that unacceptable. We believe homeowners should be fully aware of what the real cost for their renovation is before construction starts.

With the proper time and care put into renovation design and planning – and the experienced foresight to address the right details – it is possible to give homeowners a truly accurate quote. And there’s no doubt about it, comprehensive plans and accurate quotes prevent the majority of stress around renovations.

Clearing the way for successful renovations.

Artisan Contracting developed the Foresight Design Package as a way to assure homeowners going into a renovation of what the true costs, timing and final work will be. We know that surprises along the way are never appreciated.

With our Foresight Design Package you can be confident that:

  • The quoted price is firm. Barring unforeseeable issues in the ground surrounding the house site (like buried structures, underwater rivers, or 30 ft of bedrock), our design quote for the entire construction project is guaranteed.
  • You’re getting professional designs. Drawings are produced by a BCIN-certified* designer, creating a smoother, less costly process later when we move towards permits.
  • You’ll enjoy the process of designing your reno. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to experts about your vision, ask a lot of questions, collaborate on ideas, and pick out your perfect features.

So how does it work?

From start to finish, here’s the process step-by-step:

First meeting is ALWAYS free!
Our first visit is an opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss your plans for your home. There is no charge for this meeting. It’s simply a chance for you to learn about us, and for us to get an idea of what you’d like. We take notes and view any pictures, styles, designs that you may have collected. At the end of this meeting, we recommend the Foresight Design Package as the next step to move forward. If agreeable, we can get a signature and deposit at this meeting or come back if you’d like time to think it over.

We get to work, and you get a binder.
Once the package contract is signed, we give you a binder to add ideas and keep everything organized. We schedule a time to come and measure your home, take pictures and examine your home’s systems (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.). You aren’t required to be there as it’s a working visit.

Designing the renovation
We begin designing and planning your project. We encourage you to email or call us with ideas and questions at any time. Occasionally we'll email concepts for you to view before our meeting and make changes as required.

Design presentation & collaboration
One or two weeks after our working visit we meet to present our first designs and discuss the renovation. We’ll connect our laptop to your TV so you can sit in comfort and view the designs from all angles. It’s a collaborative meeting where we can make some changes on the spot. After this meeting we work toward final drawings.

Refine design & choose finishes
We go back and refine the designs. Depending on the results of the first meeting, we may come again to present drawings and have more discussions. Sometimes tweaks and changes are discussed over email and the phone. We also set up a meeting for the decorator to come and begin selecting materials, colours and finishes. Over several meetings you select all the finishes.

Final proposal with detailed plan
With a design agreed upon and finishes and materials chosen, we present our final detailed proposal in person. At the end is a contract to move forward with the permits and the build. The price on this document is guaranteed.

With the Foresight Design Package the final proposal is your property. If you choose to proceed to the construction phase with Artisan Contracting, we’ll have the build contract with a firm price ready when we present the proposal. That contract will include everything needed to move forward, including getting permits. If you choose to use another contractor, your customized, thorough, professional design plan will help you greatly.

Why not contact us today for that first meeting? We look forward to hearing your exciting ideas!

*Building Code Identification Number indicating the qualification and registration of building practitioners.


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