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Whether you need a custom renovation completed in your current home, or a renovation added into a new home built in Burlington, Artisan Contracting has the experience and skillset to make it happen.

For over 35 years, our professionals have been making home owners’ dreams come true. By combining our years of experience with quality materials, we have built a reputation for unique, one-of-a-kind projects in the Burlington area.

Home renovations are normally a time filled with stress and worry. Stress with whether the contractor you choose is dependable, reliable and trustworthy. Worry about whether your renovation will go over budget.

But what if we told you a renovation didn’t need to be that way?

Artisan Contractor: Changing Burlington’s Home Renovation Market!

Not all contractors can promise you that your renovation won’t go over budget, but Artisan Contracting can! And by staying on schedule and within your budget, stress and worry are all but eliminated during your renovation.

Why go anywhere else for your Burlington renovation project?!

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A Full Range of Expert Contracting Services in Burlington

Looking to trust someone with renovating your bathroom or kitchen? Need an expert to complete that second level or side addition? Want a professional to build your dream home? Artisan Contracting can do all that – and more.

We understand that your Burlington home is a special place, and we want to make it even more special after completing your home renovation. By partnering with you from the beginning to the end of the project, we ensure everything we do meets your expectations. Our reputation is our business, so we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Experience a Burlington Home Renovation the “Artisan Contracting Way”

A home renovation can be a big undertaking, but our professionals make it seem easy! Over the years, we have learned what works best to eliminate as much stress and worry as possible from the renovation process. That’s why we do things a little differently at Artisan Contracting.

Other contractors are known for completing renovations that typically run 30 percent over the estimate. We didn’t want to be like other contractors, so have worked hard over the years creating a pricing technique that is accurate.

Early on in the renovation process, we require a small commitment from you to complete a design. Although we can issue a quote without a design, we risk the estimate being inaccurate. By doing a design, we are able to avoid many surprises that our competitors’ run into using simply a quote.

We understand that it can be scary to make this commitment to us this early in the renovation process, but our 35 years of experience shows that it’s the best way to minimize renovation stress. Instead, it leaves you looking forward to what each new day brings throughout the renovation – instead of worry about the unknown!

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At Artisan Contracting, we pride ourselves on being the best contractor in the Burlington area. Meet with us for a free consultation to see for yourself why many other Burlington home owners have trusted us with their renovation project. Contact us today for more details!


Judy Home Renovation

Excellent work on a very large home renovation, final cost was actually under the estimate. Very timely work (estimated 4 months, took 5 months). We went with the all the contractor's recommended subcontractors and we were not disappointed. We moved out of the house for the duration which allowed the work to proceed faster. We were also sensitive to the timeliness of our own decisions - it's a collaboration. Very happy with our newly renovated home. It was a pleasure working with J. Ott.

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