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Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is such a personal space that the idea of creating something blissfully rejuvenating can be an especially exciting one. Unfortunately, because it’s a room that plays such a crucial part of your day-to-day life, it can also be an anxiety-causing one.

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The key to creating the perfect bathroom to soothe and refresh is to do some research and planning for your renovation. Your research will give you great ideas – and an idea of what you might achieve with your budget – but also uncover a contractor that will help you develop your ideas, build it properly and manage it without unexpected delays and cost overruns. Online research is a great place to start, but be sure to ask friends, family and colleagues for contractors they’ve had success with.

There are so many beautiful bathroom features to consider, many of which offer excellent ROI in terms of both your enjoyment and increased home value. Some of the elements that can really give back include:

  • Full feature showers – Multi-head or rainhead showerheads, glass walls and flush ground-level transitions are all ways to add a luxury feel to your space.
  • Pro Planning Tip – If your choose a rainhead, consider adding an additional head on a slidebar for the real getting-the-job-done functionality most people are looking for. But keep in mind that, in most cases, only one showerhead can function at a time due to the available water pressure.
  • High-design sink areas – With the stunning options available today, from custom basins to marble countertops, it can be your statement piece to establish the look of the room.
  • Radiant floor heating – the pleasure gained from warmth underfoot on a cold winter morning cannot be understated.
  • Other specialty features – heated towel racks, bidets, custom cabinets and storage units can all add a distinctive functionality.

Talk to us about your own vision for the ideal bathroom. We’ll help make it a beautiful and highly functional part of your home - and your life!

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